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Since 1997, SBH has been providing innovative, premiere quality, research-based supplements covering the widest array of eye conditions. Empirically formulated with close input from top researchers and clinicians, SBH regularly updates its products to reflect the compelling new research. The original vision supplement company, SBH remains on the leading edge with ongoing clinical research. HydroEye, SBH’s patented dry eye formula (with GLA and other key nutrients) has been shown in a randomized, controlled clinical trial to relieve symptoms, suppress inflammation and maintain corneal smoothness (Cornea, 2013). Other products include: MacularProtect Complete® AREDS2, macular + multinutrient formula; OcularProtect®, a robust eye-body multinutrient; Optic Nerve Formula®, nutrition support for optic nerve health; DiaVis®, health support for retinal circulation; and more.

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