Mission Statement

The Mission of the Ocular Wellness & Nutrition Society (OWNS) is to provide leadership, education, advice, and guidance to eye care and other health care professionals and consumers regarding the role of nutritional support as it relates to vision and eye health. The OWNS supports evidence-based analysis concerning nutritional influences on eyes and systemic disease.


  • OWNS LogoServe as informational and educational resource to its members, allied health care professionals, the public, and the media on nutritional education as it relates to vision and eye health.
  • Sponsor professional symposia and enrich dialogue among eye care professionals regarding the role of nutrition in systemic and ocular health.
  • Provide a resource pool of clinically relevant refereed studies that demonstrate the role of safe nutritional support for the management of ocular and systemic disease.
  • Generate print and online materials to educate health care professionals and consumers about nutritional approaches for reducing the likelihood of the development of vision problems and eye disease.
  • Promote the inclusion of nutrition education in the curricula of medical and optometry institutions.

The OWNS does not formally endorse any specific nutritional products.