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The demand for vision services is expected to flood the healthcare system by 2020 due to age related eye disease and the diabetes epidemic. As the baby boomer generation is aging, research shows that the number of people in the United States with impaired vision -- including blindness -- could increase by at least 60 percent over the next three decades. Therefore, disease prevention, including lifestyle modification, attention to dietary intake and micronutrient supplementation must become more of a focus of primary vision care.

The purpose of the Ocular Nutrition Society:

  1. To promote excellence in the care of patients through nutritional support of eye health and the prevention and control of ocular and systemic disease.
  2. To sponsor professional symposia as well as a website, and to generate materials to educate eyecare professionals regarding the role of nutrition in systemic and ocular health.
  3. To provide a collegial atmosphere where health care professionals can exchange ideas and concepts regarding nutritional influences on vision.
  4. Provide a resource pool of clinically relevant refereed studies that support the role of safe nutritional support for the management of ocular and systemic disease.
  5. To monitor and validate claims made by industry regarding the quality and efficacy of nutritional supplements.
  6. To encourage the inclusion of nutrition education in the curricula of medical and optometry institutions.

The founding board members of the Ocular Nutrition Society (ONS) have a long history in the area of nutrition research as it relates to vision health, as well as credentials that have allowed them to publish in the field of systemic nutrition as it relates to eye health, or to lecture in this field at local, national and international meetings.  

The non-profit Ocular Nutrition Society does not formally endorse any specific nutritional products. We have enlisted the expertise of nutritional industry leaders who have the knowledge and experience in nutritional science. This panel will closely monitor peer-reviewed published science on nutritional influence on eye health, as well as safety and ethical issues regarding specific micronutrients included in supplements being marketed to vision patients. 

The mission of the Ocular Nutrition Society is to promote excellence in the care of patients through nutritional support for eye diseases and disorders through professional education and scientific investigation.

We believe in being committed to doing everything we can to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and appropriate nutrient intake through daily diet and supplementation that lower the risk and burden of mostly-preventable degenerative eye diseases.

We actively support healthy lifestyle choices and professional cross talk. We sponsor educators who teach and provide CME or COPE approved nutrition science courses, as well as those who teach the general public about the proven benefits of avoiding nutritional deficiencies that increase the risk of eye disease.

We monitor nutrition science research. We offer education programs that give the practitioner a solid foundation on which to base their recommendations to patients regarding the best nutritional approach for reducing the likelihood of the development of eye disease.

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